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I think I'd better post this now just after the jeans first wash /post writen on March 17th... yay! busy.../.

Jeans, a few pairs of jeans, were on my table end of February and beginning of March. I finished my first pair first week of March! This is historical event for my sewing on its own. However it was not alone. I spent the next week in research... planning dresses and other sewing things... It is hard to believe, but I think I will be sewing a lot and sewing clothes again!

My sewing is a long story, old love and a little bit forgotten. After sewing all my clothes for years, I somehow limited sewing to quilting and repairs. It is funny that jeans - the only thing I have never sewn before - is now the thing to bring me back to sewing. I have a pair completed in a week. A pair on the way, a pair planned, a pair ordered... and a few dresses waiting for the right fabric. Blouses and other small things - I am not even counting...

The all done and already used pair is a copy of old and outgrown jeans. I changed too many things, but still it all started with a pair to copy. Actually the changes were too many to make them fast. Despite the time spent fitting them, the jeans came together in a week, so I am happy how it all went regarding time. The fit is nice, the look better than the original thanks to some details, the wearer likes them and I am happy!

These jeans are result of my Christmas present to myself - Jean-ius Craftsy class with Kennth D. King. I do recommend it! If you sew or plan to do so, it will help you in terms of techniques, equipment and attitude towards final product. I was so excited about one special notion, that I started searching for it. The funny part is I did not even needed it. It was a special ironing surface against seam allowance transfer or shine. My iron does not leave any traces and no seam allowance is transferred when I use it.

I just forgot!

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I am not a resolution person. However I see new beginning in every week. Started this one with a long walk by the see just an hour after sunrise. Brilliant light and birds singing... Perfect start. No single picture taken - wanted it all intact when I close my eyes and move there for a minute or to of relaxation. The grass and flowers are so vigorously growing this week. Sakuras have just started blooming on the Cherry blossom alley.

I than dived in my to-do list and marked it done in the afternoon to leave some fabric time before dinner.

drawing sunday

06 Apr 2014
Posted by Ralitza

My gloomy windy, cocoa Sunday was coloured in dusty blue and golden yellow. Grey and and white have never been considered colours here. My passion for colour just can't allow it.

The second print on the last row was a Spoonflower contest entry some time ago. The whole collection grew around it while I was playing with the matrix effect. Love the non-zodiac feel of the mosaic effect of a simple matrix repeat. Final 4 sunny prints have been just added. Not sure this will be the final version. It might be.