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Spring update

05 Apr 2014
Posted by Ralitza

Windy afternoon with no sun, a cup of hot cocoa, folders of pictures... my recipe for getting back to the blog after almost 2 months break.

Lots and lost of things to share and I will start with some February projects today.

A fast knit first - mobius: oft champagne colour, cozy mohair yarn, favourite Cat Bordhi pattern with traditional mod - the picot edge. Countless stitches in the last row but pays off with delicate finish. This was a gift and relaxing late winter knit.

Next - an embroidery that takes lots and lots of hours and I decided to make it reversible despite it was my first. I had only finished one /much bigger/ similar project that had been sitting for years with less than 1/4 of the embroidery left to complete. It was long ago - about 10 years. The one her was impulsive purcahese few summers ago. It went really /and surprisingly/ fast until the kit threads turned to be a bit short. Finished this February. Now waiting for a framing mojo to get it all done.

One of the most special projects now - martenitzas. Do you know what martenitza is?

If you have Bulgarian friends you might know. It is twisted yarn - one white and one red string and all the embellishment possibilities you could think of - tassels, pom-poms, tiny dolls, flowers, etc. It is a little health magic. Best wishes for a healthy year by tying a martenitza on ones hand. Or pinning to ones lapel. Traditionally the yarn is wool. Martenitzas are hand made and you can see various stiles and looks. The ones I made this year - cotton thread to make them as thin ans possible /fast drying on the hand/ and various beads. Mostly because I needed a lot and really fast. A martenitza is been worn until the first spring birds arrive. Then it is tied to a tree.

Valentine quilt

14 Feb 2014
Posted by Ralitza

Deep red and vivid red plus white and ecru, simple piecing and even simpler hand quilting and all done!

I finished this a couple of days ago - stitching late at night, after midnight, which is quite unusual for me. Still it felt comforting - stitching the binding down and joining and stitching it to the quilt on side by hand too. It was not planned - impulsive late quilting by the lamp. I realized how happy I am, I am using my kid's desk lamp - I actually do not stitch after sunset! Well, I did this Wednesday and I am happy I did.

It is Valentine quilt officially but I am sure it will live as a March quilt too here. Local tradition celebrates wine on Feb 14th and March is the red-and-white month with the martnenitsa rituals. So this quilty is mixing love, wine and health wishes all in one for a February-March quilt on the wall. Or maybe on a table... Have not decided yet.

The pink background is the back of a Strippy quilt. I am not a pink person in general, but reds and pinks together is something I like.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Wine Day!

Posted by Ralitza

It is a late but really cold winter start here and the perfect time for a Doublemassa hat - the thickest and warmest hat I have ever seen or knitted.

I took a lot of pictures when it was all knitted but have not posted one with the complete folded look and all the four /yay, they are four!/ layers of pure wool. So here it is.