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Posted by Ralitza

It is a late but really cold winter start here and the perfect time for a Doublemassa hat - the thickest and warmest hat I have ever seen or knitted.

I took a lot of pictures when it was all knitted but have not posted one with the complete folded look and all the four /yay, they are four!/ layers of pure wool. So here it is.

Posted by Ralitza

Here is what I am doing now - tiny stitches on a quilt, finished back in 2006.

The green tread is machine stitch and it was happy with it for a year. Then I decided to add some hand-quilting stitches and kept adding them from time to time in a really relaxed manner... So I am about to finish them now.

It felt strange at first how small these stitches are. They are not really consistent, or perfect, or in particularly clean lines. Still the texture they add, and the little detail, is something I like.

Posted by Ralitza

It was meant to be pre-Christmas actually. I opted for a bit belated gift and knitted the days around Christmas. One knitting project from start to finish, one project waiting 10 months for its lining stitched down, one project waiting for final few rows /also 10 months/. Felt good to finish them all!

I finished the new project first. Than stitched the Inga hat lining, I was to busy to knit in this spring. Than finished the giant and lovely Doublemassa in chocolate and cream. Luckily I had dark chocolate around when stitching those final little rows.